CV Subramanian based in Atlanta, GA, USA, hails from Chennai India. He did his graduation in the field of Computer Science from the National Institute of Technology, Trichy & currently works as a Senior Manager at Manhattan Associates, specializing in the area of Supply Chain.

CV Subramanian was introduced to the world of Carnatic Music at the age of 10. He underwent several years of rigorous training with the violin & since then has numerous performances to his credit.

He, along with his brothers M.P.Hariharan & C.V.Hariharan, has given numerous fusion concerts in Bangalore for various corporates, since 2000. It is during this time, he started composing music. His composition styles cover a broad range of genres, notably, Indian fusion, Carnatic, Western, World Music & Contemporary. Through his musical compositions he aims to blend Western & Indian Music (The Classical Raaga Sytem), through creative use of a wide range of instruments - Both Indian & Western.

He has also written musical scores for dance productions. He works with his wife, Gayatri and creates music for her dance productions.

Some of the recent thematic productions for which he composed music are as follows:

Drought and Rain (portraying the crisis and suffering faced by the villagers during a drought situation and thereafter how they welcome and rejoice the rainfall)
Navarasa (nine sentiments)
Celebration (a production portraying the folk dances of India and the concept of unity in diversity)
Priyam Bharatam, a musical dance production depicting India’s rich and varied cultural heritage using swarams, instruments & vocals.

CV Subramanian also does music and violin support for other dancers and musicians. He was invited to render a solo concert at the Mississippi State University in 2008.

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