Gayatri has good ‘Angalakshanam’ and a strong command on her footwork. All her dance numbers have been finely chosen with a beautiful blend of both Nritta and Abhinaya. Her remarkable performance was one of Sri Annamacharya’s kriti, ‘Bhavayami Gopala Balam’ in which she enacted the scenes depicting Krishna’s pranks on stealing butter and troubling the Gopis in a very playful way. Gayatri’s overall performance was very captivating.
- As translated from Tamil Newspaper – Dinamalar
Madison’s East Indian Community was feted with a wonderful afternoon of Bharata Natyam dances beginning with an invocatory prayer “Natyavedam” with guest artist Gayatri Subramanian, a professional Bharata Natyam dancer from India who now lives in Atlanta.
- The Madison Times


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