Gayatri has come up with an audio representation on “Adavus” (basic dance steps) in a cd form with a touch of music. They represent the basic 8 adavus that are generic in nature and can be used by dancers of any style. This has been rendered by Gayatri and it covers basic dance theory as well. The unique feature of this cd is the music that has been chosen for each ‘adavu’ to give a soothing effect and to invoke the dancing mood in a person.

We recommend the cd for dance students and enthusiasts who desire a practice session as it has the effect of a classroom session..

Gayatri’s students get a systematic and rigorous training in dance and intensive training on theory (Natyashastras) as well, which equally contribute to the field of dancing.

Gayatri’s professional approach and dedication towards dance, determination to achieve and total involvement in dance have led her to the path of success. With the blessings and encouragement from her Parents, Guru and Husband, Gayatri has carved a niche for herself in the field of dance and aims to reach greater heights.


             Joy of Life is an original compilation of several tracks by CV Subramanian, using orchestration of various types of instruments, ranging from Western, Indian Classical, Contemporary to Folk. Most of the compositions, contemporary in nature, nicely blend both Indian & Western instruments. Some of them have renditions of an Indian Classical Raaga.

Genre: World Music, Contemporary, Indian Classical Fusion, Western, Folk. Track downloads available here, please click on Preview for sample listening and Buy to order individual track or the whole album.


Song Title Preview Price  
Wonderment Preview $0.99
Seasons Preview $0.99
Journey Preview $0.99
Blossoms Preview $0.99
Celebrations Preview $0.99
Ganges Preview $0.99
Rain Preview $0.99
Wonderment-Instrumental Preview $0.99
Buy the Entire Album Preview $5.99


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