‘Soundarya Natyalaya’ is a premium dance institution teaching pure and traditional style of Bharata Natyam, a classical form of dance from South India. This institution was founded by the Artistic Director, Gayatri Subramanian in 2003 in Atlanta, USA. Soundarya Natyalaya’s mission is to spread the varied culture and glorious heritage of the Indian classical dance – Bharata Natyam, in and around Atlanta through various performances, demonstrations and workshops and aims to uphold the cultural tradition of Indian Classical dance.

This will promote and encourage the talented young students who are the budding artists.

This website is not merely for dance students or participants but also a platform for dance lovers and enthusiasts. One can contribute an article on dance or post an event, give feedback or ask questions. Please check the Reviews/Articles column to view news regarding dance around the world. “There is no wisdom, no knowledge, no art, no craft, no device, no action, that is not to be found in Natya” – By Sage Bharata in his ‘Natyashastra’.
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